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On September 6, 2023, the Board of Directors of Netflix, Inc. approved revisions to the company’s Code of Ethics. The Code was amended to add, expand and update the treatment of a number of topics, including conflicts of interest, compliance with laws, accountability, internal reporting, confidential information and work environment. Certain non-substantive, administrative and stylistic changes were also made. This Code amendment did not relate to or result in any waiver, whether explicit or implicit, of any provision prior to the amendment.

Communications to the Board

The Board of Directors of Netflix, Inc., makes available this e-mail link to which stockholders may send communications to the Board. Communications intended for specific Directors should be addressed to them in the "re: line" of the e-mail. Communications through this e-mail link are monitored by the Company's Chief Legal Officer, who periodically reviews the inbox and forwards messages to members of the Board, as appropriate. Responses to any e-mails will be at the discretion of the copied Board member(s) and/or the Chief Legal Officer.



NASDAQ Board Diversity Matrix (as of May 27, 2022 and April 21, 2023)

Total Number of Directors 12
Female Male
Part I : Gender Identity
Directors 3 9
Part II: Demographic Background
African American or Black 0 1
White 3 8
Did Not Disclose Demographic Background 1


Attendance at Annual Meetings

Members of the Board of Directors are encouraged to attend the Company's Annual Meeting; however, attendance is not mandatory. Attendance at the last Annual Meeting was:

Director Present Absent
Reed Hastings

Ted Sarandos

Greg Peters

Richard Barton

Mathias Döpfner

Timothy Haley

Jay Hoag

Leslie Kilgore

Strive Masiyiwa

Ann Mather

Brad Smith

Anne Sweeney